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Illustration Project: Green Rooms Botanical Market

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Since early 2018, I’ve worked on and off with the lovely Jemma & Annie Charman on designing illustrations for their amazing Green Rooms Markets that they’ve held across London. I didn’t quite appreciate the close-up beauty of plants until I created the designs from images they sent me, and I loved doing them!

When I started moving on with my brand at the start of this year I immediately knew I wanted to create botanical designs. Plants make people happy, and I really enjoy creating illustrations of them - just from house plants in my own home (and my friends)!

Jemma & Annie have successfully built up Green Rooms, having held various markets across South London since their first in Peckham on 27th May 2018. Green Rooms Markets have been featured more than once in TimeOut, as well as in other magazines such as The Guardian, Londonist and The Telegraph - all in less than a year. See their most recent Time Out mention here. Needless to say, I feel privileged to be involved.

You can see their website here for more information about past and future markets, and find their social media pages here - Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. You can also see my botanical, Green Rooms-inspired designs here.

I’m also very pleased to announce that I’ll be selling my plant prints and cards at their late Summer market on the 25th August 2019. Thank you Jemma & Annie for getting me involved in your exciting journey! I’m really looking forward to seeing what you do next.

”We love working with Merrin, she creates gorgeous artwork of plants which we incorporate into our posters, banners, flyers and social media posts. Her lovely illustrations help us to create truly unique marketing material that we’re really proud of.”

Jemma & Annie

Founders, Green Rooms Market

Thank you for reading,

Merrin x

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