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Creatives Supporting BLM

In Summer 2020, the Black Lives Matter movement hit the mainstream after the inhumane death of George Floyd by American police. At the same time, the world was in the midst of a global pandemic. I, like many people, was isolating at home protecting a vulnerable relative from coronavirus, so was unable to show my support at large protests. But, I still wanted to do my bit, however small, to support the BLM movement. My best friend Emily Miles felt the same, and since her and I are both creatives, we figured we could use our creative outlets to raise money for the cause.

After rallying together a few other creatives we know, we set up a social media page called Creatives Supporting BLM to advertise each of our products. The aim was simple. We would each create something inspired by the movement, and give all profits from sales we made to a BLM charity of our choice. To our amazement, we managed to raise £757 in just one week, with money donated to the NAACP Legal Defence & Education Fund (LDF), the Runnymede Trust, SARI and the Stephen Lawrence Trust Fund.

We couldn't be more grateful for the creatives that got involved, as well as the customers who bought our designs for a good cause. We know that what we managed is such a small part played towards worldwide racial equality, but we are just glad that we could support the cause in our own way, and give to these amazing charities.

Most of the creatives have sold out of their products now, but I have a small amount left of my A4 Hands Together Print, if anyone reading this is interested in purchasing it. It is £12, all of which goes to the NAACP LDF.

Thank you for reading,

Merrin x

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