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2020 Collaborations

This year has not been your average year. Mine has looked something like this. I worked at a coffee shop which had to close its doors in March with the first U.K. lockdown. They furloughed most of us until August and then made me, along with most other staff members, redundant. I worked at a friend's pub for a while, then they had to close with the second lockdown. I applied for and got universal credit, I did more custom designs than usual (thank you!), and just about kept afloat without a full-time job.

Throughout all of this, some other creatives and I were able to join together to make some exciting new designs, which certainly kept me busy and happy! I hope you like them. Here's more info.

MerryNotesDesign x Knot Today Thanks

May 2020

In May, I created a print which incorporated a super fun tiger-print pot that my friend Emily at Knot Today Thanks was selling. I loved the pot, so we decided I would create a bold print to show it off (and give me something new to make!). I love the final outcome, and I hope you do too.

MerryNotesDesigns x Amber B Pottery

July 2020

In July, I approached Amber from Amber B Pottery about potentially doing a similar collaboration with her. I loved her work and thought I could incorporate one of her lovely vases in a print. She then suggested we sell the print alongside a vase in a collaboration deal. I loved this idea, so we got to work on the designs. Her bud vases are stunning, and I thoroughly enjoyed making this design. We sold out of the collaboration bundle within days!

Thanks for reading,

Merrin x

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